Out Reach Community services

Out Reach Community services include but not limited to:

1. Publishing geological posters in Kurdish language and distribute among local public schools in the Kurdistan Region. We aim to share basic knowledge of earth science information to the high school students prior getting to university level.

2. Offering short course training to high school teachers in the public schools in the Kurdistan region.
3. Arranging fieldtrip activities with both public and private high schools in the Kurdistan region. Our goal is to make a real and natural laboratory for high school students to understand the formation of natural features around us and how they are related to us.
Unfortunately, in Iraq including the Kurdistan region, not only high school students but also, most of the instructors teaching physical geography are lack of earth science education.

In order to prepare a peaceful and mindful generation, it is essential to connect them well to the nature. And we cannot make them to be well-connected to the nature unless we show them what really nature is?